About us and our mission

Our Story

We started as a local cleaning company in Swansea and set out to make home cleaning easy.

Chroma founder, Chris James, started off in the home cleaning market in 2006, becoming a franchisee of a UK cleaning franchise. Demand for house cleaners in the Swansea area he operated in was high, and his client number grew to the hundreds fast. During this period, Chris learnt everything about the home cleaning industry, and with the emergence of on-demand apps, it was clear there was room for improvement.


Our Mission

Chroma started in 2010 with the mission to turbo boost home cleaning.

To improve the home cleaning market, you need to see what was wrong with it. Everything was too slow and clunky. Client meetings, forms, contracts and standing orders! Lengthy initial periods and written cancelations and cancelation fees if client ‘obligations’ were disobeyed. Paying the cleaner in cash, and large sums each quarter using bank transfers – how confusing! All of these problems are no longer with Chroma. Using the latest technology, payments can be managed online (goodbye, cash!) and minimum contract lengths have been abolished. Now we focus on one thing: helping you find the best local cleaners on our platform. Woohoo!

Our Values

Happy cleaners = happy customers

We put a lot of effort in ensuring the self-employed cleaners on our platform are happy. To do this, we regularly ask them how we can improve their experiences working as self-employed home cleaners. As a result, the hourly pay of cleaners must exceed the living wage, and often far exceeds it. Holidays and sick leave will not result in lost clients for Chroma cleaners, as we can find temporary replacements for them. Having happy cleaners who are the best at what they do makes Chroma the best place to find a cleaner for your home.

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