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Join the Chroma Cleaning platform and have access to cleaning jobs in your area. As an indepenedent home cleaner, you can control your own hours and schedule, with dedicated support from our team.

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Manage your cleaning work with Chroma

We help you to manage your cleaning work and find more work

Finding local cleaning work in your area has never been easier. Our team will find work suitable for you, assist you with your schedule and ensure you are paid by your clients on time. With replacement cover and insurance, you can offer a top-notch service to your clients.

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Benefits of finding local cleaning work through Chroma

With Chroma you can be your own boss, have flexible hours, replacement cover
cleaner support, gauranteed payments and insurance.

Be your own boss

As your own boss you can decide when and where you work, ranging from a job here and there for extra cash, to full-time work.

Flexible Hours

You can arrange cleaning jobs to suit you and your day to day schedule, and build up work with your customers as you like..

Dedicated Support

Our team will support you with your clients and cleaning work. If you ever need help, we are a phone call or text message away.


By using Chroma to find work, all of your clients will be covered by insurance if any accidental damage occurs whilst cleaning, giving you peace of mind.

Replacement Cover

If you are unwell or on holiday leave, we can find temporary replacement cleaners for your clients to fill in whilst you are away, so you don't lose work for taking time off.

Gauranteed Payments

With online payments, we ensure you are paid for your work and can help if a dispute arises with a client.

How Chroma Cleaning Works

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Find cleaning work


The home cleaning marketplace

Thousands of hours of cleaning jobs have been completed through Chroma. You can find home cleaning jobs near you.

Get paid by card


No more waiting for cash

Forget worrying about getting cash from your clients. Your clients pay by card and you can track all of your payments online.

Manage schedule


Keep track of your jobs easily

Find work and manage all of your clients, your schedule and payments online. You can accept jobs with a click of a button. It's easy!

What our cleaners think

Hundreds of cleaners have experienced using our platform to
find cleaning work, and here's why.

“ I earn over £250 a week by cleaning homes in my area. My clients are lovely and having the Chroma team support me by finding me cover when I need it is great. Having the freedom to manage my own schedule has changed my life for the better.”

“ I have being cleaning homes for over 10 years and the admin tasks, such as keeping track of clients and managing payments, are made much easier with the help of Chroma."

“ Every week new work is available and I can choose which jobs suit me. Before Chroma, I struggled to find new work, but now I can pick new clients every week. Being insured gives me and my customers peace of mind.”